Sector 9 Skateboards

Top 10 Sector 9 Skateboards

Skateboard preferences sometimes can be hard to determine, especially since everyone likes different designs, elements and overall design. However, every now and then there is a brand of skateboard that everyone can agree is designed superbly and that is the case with Sector 9 skateboards (S9). For the skate enthusiast, Sector 9 skateboards come in every kind of variety from Sector 9 longboards to the Sector 9 bamboo skateboards, to specially designed wheels that are durable and sleek. Preferred by skateboarders everywhere, S9 skateboards are unique in their design and are eye catching. Here is a list of the top 10 S9 Skateboards.

1. Sector 9 Ala Moana Longboard Complete – arriving in 2010 and made of 100% bamboo , this is specially designed and must be purchased directly from Sector 9.

2. S9 Skateboard “Ghost Tree” – easy to pick up and ride, the S9 Ghost Tree has greaseball bearings and 10’’ Gullwing Charger Trucks.

3. The Sector 9 OG Series OG Cloud – comes with nineball wheels, the OG Cloud has to be purchased from this retailer specifically.

4. Sector 9 Skateboards Deep End Series Scorpion – one of the most dynamic of skateboards, the scorpion is powerful, yet easy to ride.

5. Sector 9 Carvin 9’er Complete – with PDP bearings and hardened steel bolts, this type of skateboard is a skateboarder’s paradise.

6. The Sector 9 Mini Shaka – constructed in medium concave and in green, the Mini Shaka boasts 10’’ charger trucks and recycled shock pads.

7. The Bob Marley Series – four Sector 9 Skateboards constructed in the spirit of Marley. Enjoy the peace, serenity and tranquility with an exodus ride.

8. SS Sea No Evil Complete – created and crafted in an effort to boost news about ocean life preservation, this skateboard comes cold pressed in a taco mold shape.

9. The Sector 9 Sidewinder Series – a popular exhibit of five differentiating skateboards that each show off a different side of what it means to own a S9 Sidewinder.

10. The Sector 9 Minis – 10 Sector 9 skateboards that each exudes the S9 magic that has made this skateboard brand well known and world renowned.