Top 10 Swimming Benefits

Swimming Benefits

Swimming benefits are numerous and well documented. Experienced swimmers as well as those just learning to swim can improve their physical condition with swimming. Some of the more common swimming strokes include the front crawl, butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke, sidestroke and dog paddle. Swimming workouts are also a very healthy form of exercise. Recreational swimming is a great way to relax, stay cool, and get a full body workout. Swimming is often prescribed as a rehabilitative exercise for those who have suffered a serious injury or people with physical disabilities. Also, swimming benefits the posture and helps improve the physique. Here is a brief list of the top ten swimming benefits.

1. Improved flexibility

2. Improved muscle toning and physical appearance

3. Improved cardiovascular conditioning

4. Improved posture and confidence

5. Reduced muscle tension

6. Increased muscle strength

7. Reduced weight and improved appetite control

8. Better balance

9. Reduced stress and increased relaxation

10. Reduced stress on joints and bones

Swimming is a healthy activity that benefits your entire body. After your swimming workout or adult swimming lessons, you will feel less stressed and more fit. Swimming is also an excellent workout if you have a joint or bone injury or sensitivity. Since you float in the water, there is no weight put on your ankles, knees or hips. You can work out all your muscles without putting stress on your joints and bones. You can even use swimming as a warm up for running, biking, or other sport or activity. Burning calories is just one of many swimming benefits. You can also participate in a group swimming workout in the swimming pool as part of water aerobics or a swim practice. A swimming lap counter can be used to keep track of how many laps you swim during your workout.

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