Trout Fishing Tips

Top 10 Trout Fishing Tips To Remember

Trout fishing is fun but can also be challenging. In order to have successful accounts, here are ten trout fishing tips to remember.

1. When it comes to brown trout fishing, it’s important to know when the best time to catch them is and what bait to use. Ideally, the best time to fish for brown trout is at night. In the fall months, you’ll find them along the shoreline. It is best to use a big lure such as crank bait.

2. Knowing trout’ behavior is also important because it will tell you where to find them. If you are brook trout fishing in October, this is their spawning months so you’ll be more inclined to find them in the streams.

3. Trout fishing tips also fall into the realm of what to wear. Picking out the correct trout fishing gear is important, as it will help you on your hunt. Stop by your local sporting goods store or you can find the gear online at many online retailers like Bass Pro Shops.

4. The most important trout fishing tips deal with observation. Trout act differently in lakes than rivers so it’s important to document their behavior as well as make notes as to what worked and didn’t when attempting to catch them.

5. Lure selection is also an important component to trout fishing. Having the correct trout fishing tackle can be the difference between catching one and going home empty handed. While some of this will come over time, be sure to ask an experienced angler what has worked well for them.

6. When selecting lures it’s also important to select ones that are similar in color to trout’s prey. Trout have great vision in water and this allows them to filter items out rather easily. If you do not select bait that matches their food chain chances are you won’t receive a bite.

7. As with most kinds of fishing, it’s important you remain quiet. Fish can pick up sound easily and if you are loud, you may scare them off.

8. Selecting the correct rod is another important aspect to a successful catch. If you are trout fishing in lakes you’ll want to have a light action rod with a four to six pound test according to Twin Lakes Air’s website.

9. Other trout fishing tips include observing the stages of life the insects are in when you fish. Since trout eat insects it’s important to know the size and color of them as this will be extremely important when picking out the correct lure.

10. Lastly, it’s important to stay away from any odd smells on the bait. Trout have an acute sense of smell and anything odd will immediately tip them off.