Weight Lifting Routines

Top 10 Weight Lifting Routines For Beginners

As spring steadily approaches, it is important to keep your body active. What better way to keep your body active than by weight lifting. There are many different weight lifting routines available online and via many different health outlets such as manuals and stores that can aid you in your bodybuilding diet plans, weight lifting equipment decision making and overall support in the weight training process. When considering weight lifting routines, it is important to set realistic expectations with regard to what you seek to obtain from the workout itself. There are many different types of weight lifting routines that work with one’s overall body weight, their schedule and those who lift weights on and off. Here is a list of the top 10 weight lifting routines for beginners.

1. Total body workout – this particular routine works all parts of the body including the biceps, triceps, calves and abs. With a spirited bodybuilding routine such as this, you will be at your determined body weight goal in days.

2. Working out at home – with a dumbbell set and a variety of equipment available on the market, this workout routine allows for home comfort and for the pace you may need just starting out.

3. Strength training – depending on what you want to strengthen, this may be your best option. Some people may want bigger arms, while others may prefer a stronger core.

4. Incline dumbbell press – giving your body the added balance, this routine is relatively simple to perform and stretches your chest area giving you’re a nice and sleek look once finished.

5. The French Pres s – often recommended for beginners, the French press, works specifically the triceps muscles with the use of a cambered bar.

6. One dumbbell rows – in an effort to strengthen your back, this routine forces your hands to hold all of your weight.

7. The Barbell Curl – with an EZ Curl Bar, this extensive routine enlivens your biceps with unremitting tension.

8. Dumbbell curl – this weight lifting routine can be done either seated or standing and packs a punch with its alternating movement and duration.

9. Cable pressdowns – a forceful routine for the triceps, get ready to keep your abs tight while working your forearms to the maximum.

10. Incline dumbbell flys – using a flat or incline bench allows for a chest stretch weight lifting routine that will quickly become of your favorites.