Wild Boar Hunting

Top 10 Wild Boar Hunting Tips

Wild boar hunting is one of the most exciting hunting sports. Here are ten tips to make your wild boar hunting trip more productive.

1. Cracked corn and diesel are good baits for attracting boars for wild pig hunting. Adding diesel at a 1:20 ratio helps keep other critters, such as raccoons, away from the bait.

2. Place sow urine in places of high activity. Be sure not to get any sow urine on yourself unless you want to get charged by an excited pig.

3. Always wear a cover up scent before wild hog hunting and remember to spray the bottom of your shoes. Boars have an excellent sense of smell.

4. Always have a tree in mind in case you are charged. Wild boars can easily reach 350 pounds and be very aggressive when they are hungry or while protecting their young, but they cannot climb trees.

5. Boars’ territories can be found by the odor and markings. Look for tracks, rubbings on trees, wallow holes, and feces. The odor will be terrible.

6. Hunt from a tree stand for safety reasons. Your view is better and you are not vulnerable to a boar attack.

7. When hunting at night, use a dim light source. A bright light may scare away the wild boars. A blue or red lens over the light helps improve visibility and may also help the boars’ eyes reflect back better.

8. Wild boars have no natural predators and can reproduce year around. Therefore, wild boar populations can quickly grow in an area.

9. Wild boars feed mostly at dawn and dusk. Days are spent resting in thick vegetation and wallowing in mud.

10. Everything tastes better with bacon! Wild boar hunting is not only exciting, it can put food on the table.

The hunter can use a gun or go recurve bow hunting for wild boar. Hog hunting with dogs can be safer and more productive since the dogs can help track wild boars and hold them in position for the kill. No matter what your weapon of choice is, wild boar hunting is a fun and exciting outdoor activity.