Top 10 Youth Archery Bows

Youth Archery Bows

Do you want to get your kids into archery? We have the top 10 youth archery bows for you to choose from.

1. Parker Sidekick – This bow only weighs 3 pounds and since Parker introduced pink version of this bow, it is one of the perfect archery bows for women. There is an additional set of limbs to purchase so the bow can last into adulthood. The draw length is 18-28 in and draw weight is 29-50 lbs. Retails for about $299.00.

2. Darton Maverick Junior – Lightweight at 2.9 pounds, standard bow with a draw length of 17-28 in and draw weight of 15-45 lbs. Retails for $189.00.

3. Mathews Mustang – This bow weighs in at 3.2 pounds. It is a smaller version of the Mathews bows that looks identical to its bigger relatives. Although, it is pretty pricey at $549.00. Comes in an array of different colors, including pink for the girls.The draw length on this one is 19-26 in. and draw weight is 20-50 lbs.

4. Diamond Razor Edge – An archery compound bow that can sustain you from youth to adulthood. This bow has a draw length of 19-29 in. and a draw weight of 15-60 lbs. Retails for $330.00

5. Hoyt Trykon Sport – This 3.2 pound bow has all the bells and whistles of its older cousins but in a mini form for smaller hands. It has a draw length of 23-28.5 in. and the draw weight is 20-50 lbs. Retails for $399.00

6. Bear Archery Apprentice – The maker of Bear Archery Bows is dedicated to making bows for the younger generation of hunters. This one fits the bill. It has very good ratings with how adjustable it is, plus it is more affordable than some of the other youth archery bows at $279.99. This bow has a draw length at 14-27 in. and a draw weight of 40-50 lbs.

7. Mission Menace – Weighing in at 2.92 pounds, has a draw length at 17-30 in, a draw weight of 16-52 lbs, and comes in a variety of colors. Retails for $269.00. This bow is an affordable alternative to its cousin bow, the Mathews Mustang.

8. PSE Chaos – This bow weighs 3.1 pounds and has a slim frame and very compact, perfect for smaller hands. This bow has a draw length of 17-27 in. and a draw weight of 40-50 lbs.Retails for $279.00.

9. Alpine Micro Elite – This striking bow is all made from aircraft aluminum. It has a draw length of 21-28 inches and draw weight of 40-50pounds. This is a full sized youth bow and retails for $299.00

10. Browning Micro Adrenaline – Browning is one of the best-produced youth archery bows out on the market. Weighs 3.4 pounds, has a draw length of 18-28 inches, and a draw weight of 40-50 pounds. Retails for $257.00.

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