Tree Climbing Harness Review

Tree Climbing Harness

Tree climbing is an excellent way to test your climbing skills on a different terrain. Before going on your first trip, you’ll want to buy tree climbing equipment that will make your experience easier and safer.

One of the first pieces of gear to buy is tree climbing spurs. They can provide you traction while you navigate rugged terrain.

Along with spurs, you may consider tree climbing spikes. These work by attaching to your boots by way of a strap. They can help you gain a better hold in tough areas, which you will come across when scaling up trees.

Furthermore, to achieve the best results, you’ll want to look into buying a tree climbing harness, as it can protect you during your climb.

A tree climbing harness works by securing the climber with a waist belt. Harnesses come with a rear haul gear loop, which secures the climber when properly used.

In addition, many have special features that make your job much easier.

Some models, like the Black Diamond Momentum SA Harness, has leg loops. It also features an Open Air foam insert that keeps you comfortable during climbs.

When looking for a tree climbing harness, you’ll want to buy a brand that has a reputation for making quality gear. This is will give you peace of mind in knowing that you have bought a durable item.

In this case, one of the best to go with is Black Diamond. A Black Diamond climbing harness is the gold standard for several reasons. For one, the material they use during construction makes it a more comfortable fit. It also helps to reduce the weight on the climber should they fall. Lastly, the harness has a waist belt and leg loops, both of which provide a better fit and more security for the climber.

When adding these factors up, a tree climbing harness like the Black Diamond Momentum SA Harness, is worth the money due to the benefits it offers. You’ll love the comfort, durability and ease of use. Further, they are affordable making this an inexpensive way to ensure you remain safe on your climbs.

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