Turkey Hunting Gear

Turkey Hunting Gear List – 5 Must-Include Things!

Turkey hunting can be a fun activity provided you have the correct turkey hunting gear. Here is a look at the turkey hunting supplies you will need to have a successful hunt.

1. When you are wild turkey hunting, it’s important to have the proper gear that blends into the environment. This will help you stay hidden from you prey. Included in this are jackets, vests and facemasks. Most gear you will need is available at your local sporting goods stores as well as many online retailers such as Bass Pro Shop.

2. Some other turkey hunting gear you will need is a way to steer the turkey toward your location. Turkey calls are great in that they provide a realistic sound thereby drawing them towards you. There are a variety of box calls that include double box cutters and slate calls. Either way, make sure you have at least one of these in your turkey hunting gear.

3. Another nice piece of turkey hunting gear is a turkey vest. Turkey vest provides you with comfort, durability as well as easy accessibility to such items as your turkey calls, strikers, and scoring pad. The material protects you from harsh environments as well as keeps you blended into your area so you do not stick out.

4. Texas turkey hunting is one of the best experiences you can have. They offer guided tours as well as provide equipment, prepared meals and other nice amenities. If you want to bring your own gear, it’s important you pack a light weapon. One of the best is a recurved bow as often they retract making an easy carry. One drawback is it’s limited in effectiveness over a wide distance so unless you are going to be within 20 feet, you may want to use a gun with a more accurate long distance range.

5. Grouse hunting can be equally as rewarding as long as you have the right equipment. This starts with having the proper footwear. It’s imperative you have waterproof boots that are light and comfortable as you may travel often during your hunt.