Weight Benches – 5 Best For The Buck Choices!

Weight Benches

If you are looking to build a home gym there are several pieces of equipment you will need. For starters, you may want dumbbell sets, as they give you a variety of exercises to do in different weights. Further, when combining this with weight benches, you’ll be able to do many different lifts.

Weight benches are versatile and can be used for specialized exercises such as bench presses, ab crunches or leg lifts. You can also use a bench as part of your weight lifting routines by adjusting the angles, which can provide you with different exercise options.

When it comes to selecting weight benches, here are some of the best and most affordable options.

1. One brand to check out is Weider weight benches as they deliver quality construction at an affordable price. The Weider Weight Bench Pro 270 L is great for beginners as it provides you the ability to get a full body workout with exercises like bench press and leg curls.

2. Best Fitness has been an industry leader in manufacturing fitness equipment. The Best Fitness BFFID10 Flat Incline/Decline Bench is an excellent way to do a workout. The space saving design allows for easy storage as you can fold up the bench after doing exercises.

3. One of the best weight benches to buy is the Amber Sports Multi Purpose Weight Training Bench. As its name suggests, this is a great piece of exercise equipment for those looking for a total body workout. It’s made of steel, so it will hold up over time and you can find them for under $150.

4. Universal Fitness UB100 Decline Weight Bench is a good option for those wanting to strengthen their core. The machine delivers many ways for you to do crunches and twists, which can create rock hard abs over time.

5. If you are looking for a quality brand with excellent options, look no further than a Gold’s Gym weight bench. In particular, check out their Olympic Bench, as it offers a myriad of lifting options. Best of all, you can buy these at your local department stores like Walmart and they are less than $150.

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