Belly Dance Classes

What You Need To Buy For Online Belly Dance Classes

Yes, you can actually learn to belly dance online. How it works is that as a class is being taught live, numerous cameras are filming the instructors and students. Then it is edited to get the best possible angles for each lesson. You can watch and learn at your convenience and comforts of your own home.

Most classes only require you to have a comfortable outfit that allows you to move freely and some sort of mat for warm up exercises. After you get experienced in a few classes, there is more equipment that is preferred. The list is as following: finger cymbals, light ballet slippers if you prefer not going barefoot, hip scarves or belly dancing belts, a silk veil, and a full length mirror.

Taking belly dance classes can be a very affordable way to get a rejuvenating workout. And, the accessories needed for dance costumes can be just as affordable. For instance, depending on the amount of coins on a hip scarf, which is an important part of belly dancing outfits, they can be quite affordable or easily made at home using a pretty scarf. The most expensive piece of equipment can be the finger cymbals and depending on where you buy them, they are as little as $10 for a set or more depending on how intricate of a design you choose. With all that said, even the lessons can be free if you can find reputable instructor videos on a video sharing website.

The only dissatisfactory thing about taking online belly dance classes versus taking lessons in a studio is the one on one instruction that you would be missing. Obviously, the instructor can’t see how you are posed and can’t correct your mistakes, therefore taking a live class may be more worthwhile unless you are terribly shy and uncomfortable at that thought. While most instructors do give private lessons, you would have to take a class that is local for that instructor to come to you or vise versa.

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