Wide Receiver Drills

Wide Receiver Drills For Kids

Wide receiver drills teach catching fundamentals, improve conditioning, and reinforce proper receiving technique. Here are a few wide receiver drills for kids that are also fun to practice. Some of these wide receiver workouts can be combined with defensive line drills or quarterback drills to improve practice efficiency.

Side to side – This receiver conditioning drill starts with two receivers facing each other about five yards apart, each straddling the goal line. The receivers run in parallel down the field sideways, tossing the ball back and forth until they reach the end zone. This conditioning drill stresses footwork in addition to hand-eye coordination.

Curl route – Divide the receivers into two lines, on the numbers, at midfield. Using two quarterbacks, have the receivers do a ten-yard curl route. The quarterback should throw the ball before the receiver sees it coming, at the start of the curl. After catching the football, the receiver should tuck the ball and turn up field, then return to the back of the opposite line. The receiver should “sell” the route, meaning the defensive back should be fooled into thinking the receiver is going long. This drill also teaches the receiver to come back for the ball.

Sideline – Like the Curl Route Drill, divide the receivers into two lines on the numbers. The receiver should run an out pattern and the quarterback or drill coach should throw the football to the receiver a few yards before the sideline. The receiver should focus on getting his feet down before he goes out of bounds.

Tuck and run – Line up the receivers along a midfield line, about 5 yards apart. The quarterback or drill coach throws the ball to the receiver. The receiver should catch the ball with his thumbs in, and tuck the ball and run to the next yard line. This drill teaches the receiver to tuck the ball and to catch the football before looking up field.

Wide receiver drills should be performed with pads and helmets and other football gear such as wide receiver gloves.

Use these wide receiver drills to improve your team’s receiving techniques and conditioning.