Wide Receiver Workouts

Wide Receiver Workouts – What Is Most Important?

Becoming a successful wide receiver takes much practice and discipline. Part of that regiment has to be wide receiver workouts. These workouts consist of on the field items such as wide receiver drills as well as off the field items such as nutrition and exercise. Combined they can make you a great wide receiver.

Here is a look at building the correct foundation of wide receiver workouts.

In order to be the best you have to want to be better than everyone is. Jerry Rice didn’t become the best wide receiver overnight. He constantly was pushing himself to improve. His workouts were legendary. If you can emulate that passion, that intensity he had when attacking wide receiver workouts you are on the right path.

Once you build a strong mental base, then you are ready to begin. It’s important to have the correct gear when you are out on the field, which may include wide receiver gloves. This can help you maintain a firmer grip on the ball. A word of caution though, many leagues won’t allow you to wear gloves and if you are relying on gloves to help you catch passes, you need a change in focus. You’ll also need the correct cleats for the field you are playing on, as they will give you the traction you need.

In terms of on the field exercises, it’s important to build up endurance. While football consists of short plays wide receivers are often called upon to run deep routes or block way down the field. This requires you do many cardiovascular exercises such as sprints that will build up your endurance. When combined with the proper weightlifting program and good nutrition, your body will be able to handle the requirements needed to be a successful wide receiver.

Now you must build up technique. In wide receiver workouts you do this through footwork, catching and handwork drills. Oftentimes wide receivers may do other position drills such as defensive line drills, in order to learn hand techniques to shed defenders. It’s important to learn a wide range of skills as often wide receivers will use these to properly block, run a route, or maintain separation from a defender.

Ultimately, workouts come back to one basic principle. You must possess the drive to be the best. If you have that longing inside of you, you will work hard in workouts and over time become the best.