Womens Golf Clubs

Womens Golf Clubs Review

Women’s golf clubs differ slightly from those of men. Women’s golf clubs have the same club types as men – drivers, woods, hybrid golf clubs, irons, wedges, and putters, but the construction of women’s golf clubs is slightly different. This is because men and women have different body types and men are typically stronger and bigger than women. Approximately 22 per cent of the country’s golfers are ladies, so it’s important to have golf clubs designed with women in mind.

Golf Club Length

Women’s golf clubs are generally shorter than men’s – up to two inches. Most men’s drivers are between 45 and 45 1/2 inches long while women’s drivers are usually about 44 inches long.

Club Heads

The heads for women’s golf clubs are slightly larger and lighter than club heads for men. This allows for women to have a larger contact area on the club head and makes the club easier to swing for women. Also, women’s club heads tend to have higher loft angles than men’s clubs. Women’s drivers have a 12- to 13-degree loft angle while men’s drivers are typically between 9 and 11 degrees. And of course, left handed golf clubs have mirror-image club heads compared to right-handed clubs.

Golf Club Shafts

Most women’s golf clubs have graphite shafts while men’s clubs have steel shafts. Graphite shafts are lighter with more flex, allowing the woman golfer to generate more power without having to swing harder. Graphite shafts are also frequently used for junior golf clubs.

Golf Club Grips

Since women’s hands are smaller than men’s, women’s grips are shorter and thinner than men’s grips. Proper grip size is important for a good swing.


Men’s golf clubs are heavier than women’s because men are generally stronger and can swing the golf club faster. Therefore the club head, shaft, and grips are heavier on men’s golf clubs than women’s.

Despite all these differences, the most important thing about shopping for women’s golf club sets is finding the right fit for the lady golfer.