Yoga Exercises For Beginners

Yoga Exercises For Beginners at Home

Yoga exercises for beginners can be practiced in a specialized yoga facility or at home. The advantage of performing yoga poses at home is that you have more privacy and convenience. At a yoga facility, yoga exercises for beginners are under the watchful eye of a yoga instructor. This allows the yoga instructor to better teach the yoga student about the proper hatha yoga poses, or asanas. If you want to perform yoga poses at home, it would be beneficial to first spend sufficient time in a yoga classroom to fully comprehend all the yoga poses for beginners.

The Prana yoga philosophy suggests that vitality flows through a network of channels called nadis. It can be in the form of breath or blood. The three main channels of prana, or nadis, are the Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna. Pringala consists of the right side of the body and the left side of the brain. Ida relates to the opposite – the left side of the body and the right side of the brain.

Bikram yoga, or hot yoga, is practiced in a 90-minute class and consists of 26 different yoga postures, or asanas. The Bikram yoga classroom is heated to a temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Bikram yoga facilitates injury protection and deeper stretching due to the heated facilities. Bikram yoga even claims to improve breathing by stretching the lungs. Bikram yoga benefits include improved energy level, improved blood circulation, improved flexibility, stronger spine, reduced stress, and increased endurance.

Most yoga exercises for beginners can be performed at home. Start with basic stretching exercises to warm up. After stretching, perform the following standing yoga poses: Triangle Pose, Mountain Yoga Pose, and the Archer Pose. After the standing poses, perform a series of seated poses, including the Lion Pose, Butterfly Pose and yoga spinal twists. These are all good yoga exercises for beginners that can be done in the privacy of your own home.